See the World’s Makeshift COVID-19 Vaccination Hubs

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Ëarlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, as arriving patients quickly overwhelmed hospitals from China to Italy to New York, officials converted all manner of public spaces into makeshift treatment hubs in a wartime-like effort to save as many people as possible. Now, as cases fall in many countries, public spaces are being changed once again?this time into mass vaccination hubs, where hundreds or even thousands of people can be inoculated against COVID-19 in a given day.

Below, see some of the world?s most impressive makeshift COVID-19 vaccination hubs, from New York?s Citi Field to Moscow?s Krylatskoye Ice Palace to the United Kingdom?s Salisbury Cathedral. We?ve also included images from smaller, perhaps less remarkable venues, like high school gyms and a bus-turned-mobile vaccination unit. Combined, these facilities will play a critical role in ensuring the worst of the pandemic is behind us.