Protesters hit the streets in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Newton, Woburn and Wilmington

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Protests continued across Boston and in surrounding communities on Thursday as people gathered for silent standouts and demanded justice in the wake of the police killing of a black man in Minneapolis.

“It’s a reawakening,” Monica Bun, 27, said at a vigil with thousands of people in Jamaica Plain Thursday afternoon. “More and more people are beginning to see what’s going on, and are willing to go through with the possibility of getting sick (with coronavirus) for this important movement right now.”

George Floyd was killed last week when a white police officer kneeled on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” as the officer kept applying pressure.

Floyd’s death has triggered protests across the country to denounce police killings, and stand against racial injustice and discrimination. There have been several protests throughout the week in Boston and across Massachusetts.

On Thursday, there were protests in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Newton, Woburn and Wilmington.

In Jamaica Plain, thousands of people came together for a vigil at the intersection of Centre and South streets, and silently stood in support of the Black Lives Matter movement for 30 minutes.

“Now we’re at a moment where we are coming together in a way that feels like change can occur,” said Jennifer Cupp, 29. “It’s really inspiring to see all the people turning out.”

People took a knee when the church bells rang, and after launched into chants of “Black lives matter,” “George Floyd,” “No justice no peace” and “Not one more.”

Cars passing by beeped in approval, and the crowd clapped.

They have been holding monthly Black Lives Matter vigils in Jamaica Plain for several years.

Julie Boss, 59, one of the organizers of the monthly vigils, said, “I really think it’s incredible so many people are here, and I hope the passion for this really essential issue in our country continues until it’s no longer needed.”

Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley said it was “powerful” to see so many neighbors come out to the vigil.

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