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0281-101216 Wikileaks (Kazanevsky)Image by Vladimir Kazanevsky. This was the very first cartoon ever published on Cartoon Movement, in December 2010.

We are delighted to announce we have a brand new website! Our old website was created in 2010, so it was definitely time for an update. The look & feel may have changed, but many of our features are still the same, and some are improved. In this post, we explain some of these improvements and changes in how the site works.

One of the biggest improvements is that the site is now fully responsive, allowing you to view our cartoons on your smartphone with ease. On our homepage, we still publish a daily cartoon. Browsing through the cartoon carousel at the top of the page, you can see the 20 most recent cartoons we have published. Other features on the homepage will show you the latest cartoon uploaded by our cartoonists, the most recent cartoon collection, news and recent comments.

Our old site had a newsroom where our cartoonist submitted their work. The new website simple as a section titled cartoons where you are able to see all our cartoons, listed chronologically. New cartoons will be added in real-time as cartoonists upload new work. Flip the ‘Editor’s choice’ toggle to see which cartoons were picked by Cartoon Movement staff to be featured on our homepage. If you are so inclined, you can also let us know which cartoons you like most by giving them a thumbs up.

Looking for something specific? Our new search function allows you to search for topics, countries, cartoonists, and dates. You can filter to see the most relevant search result or the most recent cartoons. And if you want to use one of our cartoons, every cartoon now includes a button that will allow you to purchase a license for use and download a high resolution image file immediately.

As with our old site, you can take a look at all our collections, our projects and our cartoonists.

Some sections are still a bit bare, and will be populated in the coming week. And some features will also be added in the coming weeks. One thing that is still missing (but will be added very soon) is our section of comics journalism. In the meantime, we do hope you enjoy the new website. If you encounter any bugs, or have any other helpful suggestions, do let us know!

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