22 thoughts on “BREAKING: President Trump Address To The Nation

  • April 14, 2020 at 4:17 PM

    Excuse me mr. President but I am an American citizen and I work hard I work for 19 years doing without showing on TV for the CNAs for South bend I'm sitting here with a back injury wondering am I going to get any help from you guys because I tried for disability and nobody's returning any responses and I can't work so I can't go for unemployment how might I help take care of myself mr. President this is urgent emergency care I have a breathing issue not really able to come outside and I want to know how do I get my stimulus check because I haven't filed in 2 years and I haven't got accepted for disability I've been in limbo waiting for someone to help me with a back injury and a pinched sciatic nerve and a lower lumbar sprain and I got sciatica lumbar everything degenerative disc disease breathing complications help respond quickly need help

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